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About me

Hi, I’m Nessy!

This is my blog about some of the things I am most passionate about: food, health and fitness.

My love of food began from a young age. Growing up in California I had a different experience cooking than most kids do. My parents owned a French restaurant so food was always an important aspect to our family life. We spent lots of our time going to local markets and surrounding ourselves with people who were truly passionate about food. Mealtime was always an important ritual in my family. Growing up we spent many hours in the kitchen and around our dinning room table sharing about our day and sharing a meal. Looking back, I think it was inevitable that I would come to love food as much as I do.

Franck, my companion and my partner on this journey, we both come from families where eating healthy, wholesome food was encouraged. However, when each of us left home we both found it more challenging to eat the way we had been raised. We started this journey quickly when Franck and I met in 2015, when I moved to Nice, France. I never had a problem finding healthy cafés, restaurants and markets in Nice and good produce is easy to come by living on the Mediterranean.

We both inspired one another to eat healthily and work-out regularly and before we knew it we were planning this project. Franck is the brains to this project and I would call myself more the artist. Part of our daily routine includes going to the gym, brainstorming for new recipes, going to the different markets and preparing our meals.

I frequently cook without butter, milk and sugar, and I use a variety of different flours in my recipes (coconut, almond and whole-wheat to name a few). I always try to create meals that are healthy and also beneficial to my way of life. Cooking and exercise work hand in hand – it’s impossible to exercise and see results without having a healthy diet – which is why a lot of my recipes include protein powder (this can easily be replaced with a variety of flours).

This blog will have a twofold approach: healthy eating and exercise. As you read the description of each of my recipes you will find our tips on how we eat and exercise. We hope you enjoy this site, and more importantly we hope that this shows you that a healthy lifestyle is both easy and beneficial to have when you make a few small changes.

Thanks for reading and happy cooking!